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Survival Spanish Part 4: Eating at a Restaurant

So you're traveling to Latin America or Spain soon and you need to know some basic phrases in Spanish to help get you by! We'll go through a quick primer on survival Spanish to help you on your way! This tutorial will help you with Spanish when you eat at a restaurant.

First, let's start with some basic vocabulary. Remember again that in Spanish, a noun can be masculine or feminine so depending on the gender of the noun. "Un" and "una" in Spanish both mean "a" in English, but "un" is used with masculine nouns, and "una" is used with feminine nouns. Please study the vocabulary below:

restauranterestaurantmasculine noun
comidafoodfeminine noun
bebidadrink, beveragefeminine noun
verduravegetablefeminine noun
carne de vacabeeffeminine noun
pollochickenmasculine noun
cerdoporkmasculine or feminine noun
camarerowaitermasculine noun
camarerawaitressfeminine noun
pescadofishmasculine noun
porfor, by, throughPor is a preposition that usually indicates cause or motive. It has many more uses than the English translaton "for."
por favorplease
tráigamebring me
cuentacheck, billfeminine noun
el menúthe menumasculine noun
puedomay l, can I
verto see
una, onemasculine, singular indefinite article
unaa, onefeminine, singular indefinite article
vasoglassmasculine noun
aguawaterfeminine noun
dasto give
tenedorforkmasculine noun
traerto bring
cuchilloknifemasculine noun
cucharaspoonfeminine noun

Great! Once you have mastered the basic vocabulary above, let's start with some simple Spanish phrases when you're at a restaurant:

Can you bring me the bill, please?¿Me trae la cuenta, por favor?trae is the third person of the singular for the verb traer (present indicative)
Can I see the menu, please?¿Puedo ver el menú, por favor?
May I have a glass of water, please?¿Me das un vaso de agua, por favor?da is third person of the singular of the verb dar (present indicative)
Can you bring me a fork, please?¿Me traes un tenedor, por favor?
Can you bring me a knife, please?¿Me traes un cuchillo, por favor?
Can you bring me a spoon, please?¿Me traes una cuchara, por favor?

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