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Work from home on Skype and Zoom and set your own working hours (this is a part time position only).

With our website, you have complete control of your schedule (you set the hours you want to work) and you can also work from home. This part time position is excellent for people that want to work from home and want to earn extra money teaching Spanish from home. If you are a native Spanish speaker (Spanish is your first language) feel free to apply and please send us the following information:

The country where you were raised and learned Spanish, so we know what dialect of Spanish you would teach.
Your experience/background teaching Spanish.
What level of education you reached.
How many hours you are open each week to teach. Please note this is a part time position only. Our website will try to find customers that can book lessons based on the schedule you set (so you have complete control over your own schedule). However, our website will not fill your schedule 100% (hence, it is a part time position only). We would like to know how many hours each week you are normally open to teach lessons. Because we cannot fill your schedule 100%, you may also work with other companies, even other online tutoring companies, while you work for us.
The rate you expect to be paid in US dollars for 50 minutes of teaching (our regular lessons are 50 minutes long). Please include your rate in US dollars in the body of your e-mail and not inside any attachments. Your rate is what you expect to be paid for 50 minutes of teaching, and not the price that the customer pays. Your rate is required as part of your application (your application will not be considered without a rate).
Please provide any other information that you think is relevant for us to know.

Please email your profile/resume in English to info@topspanish.com. Kindly note that your rate for a 50 minute lesson is required as a part of your application. Since your rate will influence the price that customers pay for a lesson with you, please submit your most competitive rate (if your rate is too high, meaning your price is also too high, customers will not purchase a lesson with you). In addition, while we read through every application and assess every candidate, because of the large volume of applications we get, we only respond to applicants that we are interested in. Should we select your profile, we will contact you for an interview on Skype. Thank you.