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Learn Spanish 1 on 1
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tutor on Skype or Zoom.

Get a private online Spanish
tutor.  Great for individuals,
businesses, and children.

Get a personal Spanish tutor on Skype or Zoom     Lessons from beginner to advanced
All tutors speak Spanish natively     Get help with DELE, SIELE, and more Spanish exams
Customize your lessons for better learning     Easy payment online with PayPal, Stripe, credit card, or debit card
How Does It Work

1. Check our tutor’s schedule. Book a date/time that fits your schedule.

2. Our tutor will verify whether he/she is available for the lesson you booked.

3. Once our tutor confirms the lesson, show up on Skype/Zoom on the date/time you booked for the lesson.
About Our Services
About Our Services

A Few of Our Tutors
Jeannette Lopez From Barquisimeto, Venezuela
$9.86 USD per 50 minute lesson
Alberto Leonardi From Valencia, Spain
$13.04 USD per 50 minute lesson
Pablo Pineda From Tenerife, Spain
$14.79 USD per 50 minute lesson
Andres Viguera From Logroño, Spain
$10.56 USD per 50 minute lesson

Spanish for All Levels Spanish Exam Preparation Business Spanish
Our team of tutors can teach Spanish for all levels, from beginner, intermediate, to advanced learners. Please let our tutor know the current level of your Spanish when you book a trial with them and we'll find a lesson that is suitable for you. Our teachers can also help you with your preparation for the DELE and SIELE exams. Look for the DELE/Test prep and SIELE/Test prep logo on the tutor's profile. If you want help with other Spanish exams, please request this when you book your trial lesson. You can also ask our tutors about business terminology and their culture in their respective home country. When you book a lesson with a tutor, look for the Business logo on the tutor's profile.

Spanish for Children/Teenagers Customize your Lessons
We have tutors that can help your child, or teenager, improve their Spanish. When you book a lesson with a tutor, look for the Children/Teenagers logo on the tutor's profile. If you have specific custom requests when you book your lesson, please let our tutor know. We will accommodate your requests as best as we can so that you can customize your lessons.
What Our Customers Say
“The lesson was great! She was helpful and the lesson was well organized. I can't wait for my next lesson!” “She was very prepared for the class. She spoke good English and was an effective teacher.”
- Ronald Johnson, Los Angeles, USA - Linda Givens, Barcelona, Spain